Earlier activities





Concerts were placed locally and in Copenhagen. 9 Lessons and Carols in Hundige Church and Karlslunde Strand Church and participation in an Advent vesper in the Church of the Holy Saint in Copenhagen. Our second performance in Copenhagen took place as a general introduction of quality choirs on Tivoli's Choral Day.


A well visited spring concert at the local library also showed the flag.




A normal season, where we took part in Nine Lessons and Carols in Hundige Church. In addition Christmas concerts in the local Hundige library and Hans Egede's Church. Only the conductor was a change: Tina Lohmann Larsen took over this spring, and we performed an almost entirely new repertoire, which we rehearsed with her.




The choir had 3 concert performances in Berlin in August. One concentrated on sacral and two with secular repertoire. The choir was granted a special gift after the conclusion of the concert given in the cultural center at Antonplatz: A picture composed by a local artist with various houses and the choir. Moreover we sang at the city hall in Schoeneberg, where president Kennedy declared: "Ich bin ein Berliner". Something new was introduced: a text booklet with the Danish and Latin texts plus a parallel German translation, some of them made by a little group of choir members.


We continued the German line: November gave 3 performances of Brahms' A GERMAN REQUIEM, a project supervised by the Birkerød Choir and their conductor Torben Svendsen, accompanied by the Copenhagen Youth Symphony Orchestra. Solo parts were performed by soprano Aileen Bramhall Itani and baritone Andreas Lundin.


Friday, December 2 the choir was incorporated in one of the usual Friday Night Vesper arrangements in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Copenhagen. We performed Danish versions of Silent night and Lobe den Herren. In addition two lesser known works: Gammel julesang (Olde Christmas Carol) by Danish Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller and Ave Maria by Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger from Liechtenstein. Every hour has its specific topic, so the church-goers could experience many kinds of music.


Sunday, December 4 at Hundige Church. Together with Kildebrønde Girls' Choir and the children's choir we took part in the traditional Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols. Henrik Colding-Jørgensen, the organist, had made an arrangement where the choirs intertwine and sing with the congregation.


Tuesday, December 20 in Hans Egede's Church, Østerbro in Copenhagen, we had a well-visited good hour of Christmas concerto, only with the choir and Nadja Aristoff on organ. In a few songs we involved the congregation.




Two crowded concerts at the local Hundige Library in February and December.


We visited again Harald’s Church (Gladsaxe) in April on the day, where the spring sun returned and dazzled the choir. We had to change position before we could perform Norwegian Grieg’s Vaaren (Springtime) and Danish Lange-Mueller’s Three Madonna Songs. But Mendelssohn, too, had been rehearsed for this occasion. 


In December Christmas concerts in Hundige Church (Nine Lessons and Carols) and Hans Egede’s Church in Copenhagen with an extended programme.




Mendelssohn’s Jauchzet dem Herrn alle Welt (Psalm 100) and Danish Lange-Müller’s Madonna Songs, opus 65 were rehearsed for performance.

In March there was a concert in Harald’s Church in Gladsaxe, and in December Christmas concerts in Hundige Church and Hans Egede’s Church in Copenhagen with identical repertoire. The two composers were represented together with Christmas carols and Danish Christmas songs. We were also part of the 9 Lessons and Carols in Hundige Church.


The first church concert in Buddinge Church north of Copenhagen with Karen Ertboelle Madsen, our new conductor. The programme was a forerunner to summer concerts in the Polish towns Wroclaw and Krakow. For this reason we had rehearsed 3 songs by Górecki (sung in Polish), sung in addition to Ave Maria’s by Rheinberger, Arcadelt, and de Vittoria. 

We finished with two identical Christmas concerts in two Copenhagen churches. Performed were e.g. Michael Bojesen’s Pater Noster (Latin and Danish) and the Gorecki songs from the Poland tour. It is described under Travels.


Concert in Lellinge church (October). Season ended up with concerts in Hundige and Olby churches. On rehearsal are Leopold Mozart's Missa brevis KV 115 and modern compositions like Knut Nystedt's Peace and Ib Norholm's Den sidste paakaldelse. Those concerts were the farewell concerts for Martin Granau, our conductor since 1995. He chose to concentrate on his wife’s carrier as a conductor.


At a summer concert in Hundige Church we presented the result of the spring rehearsals: The two major works were Fauré's Messe basse and Morten Lauridsen's O magnum mysterium.

Messe basse has been revised regularly.  It was revised once more by Anders Öhrwall to a work for mixed choir with organ. This is the version which we performed. However, the original version was for three-part women's choir or soprano voice with female choir and organ.

O magnum mysterium from 1994 indeed was a challenge. Some bars are eight-part, and almost entirely sung piano. The composer is a professor of composition at the University of Southern California, and well-known as one of the best contemporary American choral composers. But we need more male choristers before we can again perform this beautiful piece of music.


Part of June and July were spent in the Czech Republic. We had a pleasant time together with concerts in Prague and Liberec in Northern Bohemia.

Our main performance was Bach's motet Jesu meine Freude, BWV 227. However, being a choir with Danish roots we also presented our national composer Carl Nielsen. 4 of his songs have been arranged for mixed choir by John Høybye. Our social relationship was improved as shown on the pictures.

The rest of the year was influenced by the tenth anniversary of the choir. 1 or 2 songs from each year's repertoire had been brushed up for this opportunity. The anniversary concert was held for an invited public such as family members and the parochial church council, whose church is our rehearsal base. 

Part of the music was performed in public in connection with the usual Christmas concert, given in December in Olby Church in Koge. Of course together with some Christmas music.


12 members of the Hundige Choir were active participants in an open-air performance of Orff's Carmina Burana in August 2004. Every one of them appreciated the "live" drinking scene In taberna!


The autumn season 2003 was almost entirely concentrated on Handel’s Messiah. The complete choir participated together with other regional choirs in three concerts with major excerpts from the first two parts. Our conductor was Bendt Fabricius who was very satisfied with the result. However, there was also time left for the Christmas audience in Olby Church.


We have performed Niels W. Gade’s Elf Hill (Elverskud) with the Farum Choir in 1998 and again with the Panum Choir in 2002. For some years we have been the regular choir in choral works performed by the amateur symphony orchestra Etatsorkestret, e.g. Frederic Kunzen’s Skabningens Halleluja (Hallelujah of Creation). In 2002 we walked in torchlight procession through Copenhagen with singing intermissions during the route.

The major experience in 2002, however, was the participation in the international Eisteddfod (festival) in Llangollen in Wales together with the Ringsted Choir under the common name Zealand Concert Choir. This choir was the only selected choir from Denmark.

We got a very short notice, but managed to learn the choral parts of "Les miserables in Concert" in Copenhagen October 2002 - because of the short notice only a few members managed to get rid of other obligations.

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