What you may risk ...

"Hundigekoret" (Hundige Choir) in its present form dates from 1995, where a reorganization took place. At present there are about 35 members.

The repertoire is mainly classical and romantic music, and church music is playing a major role. We are especially working with sound and pronunciation.

The weekly choir rehearsal takes place on Mondays from 7-9.30 p.m. in Hundige Church, Eriksmindevej 20 in Greve south of Copenhagen. We take regular part in concert performances in Hundige and Kildebronde Churches along with the other church choirs. Choir members are entitled to join national choral concerts arranged by the Danish choral association Kor72.

We are an amateur choir and pay a fee in order to become members.


Likewise international travels are paid by the individual members, so we cannot afford to go abroad every year. On the other hand we appreciate the social dimension, shopping, and the common joy by presenting a good programme is important to us. Therefore: We do want communications with foreign choirs. Considering the social benefits from the travels we should like to be acquainted with other choirs. Maybe we can exchange and mix for concerts in Denmark and abroad and widen our musical knowledge?


The chairman:

Lise Englev

Krogager 10,

2670  Greve


Tlf: (+45) 40 58 50 79


The conductor:

Tina Lohmann Sønderskov Jensen




Tlf: (+45) 25 78 45 68